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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas with Nana, GJ, Uncle Rob & Amy

We had a great weekend with the family in from Minnesota. The four of them drove down Friday night and avoided the 17 inches of snow that fell back home...and of course brought the cold weather with them. No worries here though as we spent the weekend indoors!

Avery has greatly improved present unwrapping skills and she demonstrated them early by opening 2 of Grandpa Christiansen's presents while we were eating. Luckily she has an enormous amount of presents under the tree so we got her started on opening some of her own. Her last presents were the best ones of course and they included a Kitchen from Nana and a very cool wagon from Uncle Rob and Aunt Amy. She has since spent countless hours making coffee, putting food away, and flipping eggs and waffles!

Her counts are on the way up it appears -- still close to 0 but at least rebounding. Her platelets were low on Monday so we were transfused. My guess is she will need them again on Friday, but I think we are good on her hemoglobin. Her energy level is up and we are really enjoying the rambunctiousness of an almost 2 year old.

We'll be spending this weekend with Grandma Lippold and Uncle Jason and celebrating Christmas with them. More presents for the most deserving little rockstar! Then Grandpa Christiansen will be coming down for Christmas.

The next Chemo session is scheduled for the week in between Christmas and New Years. We'll be spending New Years at CMH -- good thing your social life revolves around early bedtimes and sing along songs once you have kids. We are excited to be able to spend it with our friend Quinten and his parents at least!


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  1. Hey! I just saw Kami Brady's post on her blog, and wanted to say hello. My name is Kelly. I help with a not-for-profit in KC called "The Kyrie Foundation". Have you heard of it? ( Your story is all too familiar, and I want you to know we are praying and fighting on your behalf. If you are ever in need of networking - to find support as you go through this with other people on the same road, please reach out. We would love to help. Give Avery a high-five for me today and let her know one more person is thinking of her. Merry Christmas to you all.