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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hearing Aides

Avery's Audiology Dr called today from St Jude and she wants to move forward with getting her fitted for hearing aides. Her hearing deteriorated since the last hearing test was done in May. This pushed her over the threshold and she is now a prime candidate for hearing aides. We meet with the therapists tomorrow to discuss her plan for moving forward. Being home is a great help I think and can't wait to see how she develops with the comfort of home surrounding her.

Chemo also arrived today. I was really excited to see the FedEx man outside the door -thinking maybe someone sent something cool. But instead I got a box marked "perishable" and instructions to refrigerate asap. Ugh. What a downer.

Avery and I have a busy day ahead of us that includes laundry and a trip to Walmart to pick up some essentials. We may even swing by our new friend Lucy's house to drop off some much needed headbands and hats...Lucy is starting to lose her hair. We can't wait for daddy to get home as he promised us some much deserved frozen we love our frozen custard.

Can't wait to see everyone on Saturday. One of Jeremy's customers gave Avery a bubble machine -- let me tell you that will be a big hit with the kiddos and we can't wait to break it out! I know everyone already knows this...but just in case I thought I would mention it....if you or your kids aren't feeling so hot this weekend, please save your visit for another time. We will be here and up for visitors any time - so if you aren't feeling 100% - we understand (and appreciate) you waiting to visit. As much as we want to say she is doing good -- she is still on chemo and very susceptible to being sick and not being able to fight off an infection. Oh and we will probably be psycho about the hand washing / hand sanitizing on Saturday -- no offense, I will be asking Nana if she washed her hands just as often as anyone else! Just a forewarning!

Kisses from Us!

Jenn & Avery

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