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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

21 Lbs!

Well for a change I (Dad) didn’t have to leave to go back to KC. As I write this I’m reminded that Avery was not the only one I missed when I was away. Jenn has done an amazing job and I can only hope to do half the job she has.
Avery’s ANC counts have dropped from 1200 to 720. If they go below 500 she will have to put the mask back on to help keep the germs away. The Doctor said that the combo of the chemo and radiation can do this. We will look at them again Friday so we know what we can and can’t do this weekend. On a good note she is up to 21 lbs. One more pound and she will be at a normal weight for little girl her age. She has been doing great in her walker and the therapists have really been pushing her to improve at a variety of tasks.
I want to thank everyone for all the support they have given Avery, Jenn, and I. It has been important to have family and friends surround us in our time of need. We have learned that the little things that happen to us in life are just that, little things…. Keep the prayers coming Avery’s way.

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