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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fantastic News!!

Hi Everyone,
It's been over six months since my last trip to St Jude and I was so happy to get back there last week (mostly to play with the kitchen down in the clinic)!   Mom and dad seemed a little more nervous than usual, but there was a pretty long break in between my last scans.  I assured them that I was going to pass my test before I went down and wouldn't you know it, I got the best news ever!! Great scans!!! Dr. Armstrong said if I get stable scans in January I might not have to come back until the following January!  I'm not sure Mom liked the thought of that but, with that long of a break she'll have some time to get used to it.  Plus, that will put me 5 years post radiation and at that point the word "remission" might become part of my story! I know everyone will continue to pray for me and I can't thank you enough.  I'm a fighter (I think my mom uses the word Pistol) and a believer...cancer has nothing on this girl!

Love Avery

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  1. WOOHOOOO!!! PTL!! Avery, you ROCK girl!!!

    Love ya,
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