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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Camp Quality - Big Kid Camp

Today we watched as our not so little girl climbed aboard a school bus for the first time and eagerly waved us goodbye.  Summer Camp - Big Kid Camp - Cancer Camp.  We were lucky to have found out about this amazing organization that puts on a week long camp for kids 5-18 that have all been forced in the awful world of cancer treatments and deficits.  Here for a week, these kids get to be just like everyone else  - games, horseback riding, fishing and swimming.  They have it all, and they all get to do it regardless of wheel chairs and walkers, hearing aides and meds.  To say she was excited is an understatement.

Each camper is assigned a Companion who is with them the whole week  - here Avery is with Miss Melanie.  Bonus for us, Melanie just happens to be the daughter of a friend of mine from work - so we feel 10 times better knowing she is with her.  Each kid was also given a game jersey (or dress in her case) and the theme this week is "Game On."  The camp is located in St Joe and they have a CMH Oncology Dr onsite all week, as well as 4 nurses.  The ratio is like 3:1 so each of the kids will be well taken care of.  Melanie has an IPhone so we have plans to Facetime later tonight to see how things are going.

Right now we are looking at a whole week of Emmett time and he is also very excited.  No one taking his toys or telling him no all the time -- he's ecstatic as well!  We'll post more photos as soon as we get some from Miss Melanie.


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