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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Still running a fever...

Avery seems to be having trouble kicking this fever.  Sundays trip to the ER resulted in a negative UTI culture and flu test.  They decided it was something viral and to let it run its course.  So Monday we kept her home and she seemed ok all day.  Tuesday we took her to school and they called us around 2 and said she was running a temp.  Wednesday we stayed home again and she seemed ok all day.  Last night however, she spiked a temp again and she stayed home with Daddy today.  She spiked again this evening and then Emmett jumped into the mix and started running a temp as well. What a strange cycle.  Other than fever, they appear to just have a bad cold.  Runny nose, congestion and a cough.  Into the pediatrician we go again tomorrow to see what she thinks.  We are definitely ready for spring!


  1. The same thing happened to my boys a few weeks ago. Fevers lasted about five days and bad colds lasted over week. They both ended up having ear infections too. Not fun! Good luck! Hoping for a speedy recovery for your family!

  2. We've had the same thing in our home too! :(

    Today is the first day in 6 days that we've been fever free. Other symptoms were head congestion, drainage (causing a cough), and runny nose (which is weird because her head was completely clogged up). We saw the doctor on Tuesday and started antibiotics that night for an ear and sinus infection.

    Healthy thoughts and hugs being sent your way! :)

    ~ Beth (Meri & Madi's aunt)

  3. Hope Both kiddos start feeling much better & you & Jeremy come away unscathed!! So much junk going around it's hard to know what it is! Sending hugs & lots of prayers your way! - the Schulze Fam :)

  4. Same thing happened to my little guy. Turned out it was a bad ear infection.sounds pretty common this time of year. Good luck with your little ones