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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

You'd be hard pressed to find a better daddy out there for Avery.  The things he has given up, sucked up, and dealt with to make sure she has whatever she needs and wants is enough to make you cry.  The strength it requires to carry Avery and I down this road is ginormous and he bears it with the best attitude and a smile on his face.  This year marks our 6 year anniversary and I am so proud that he is the man I married and the father of all 3 of our children.
Today we took Daddy to breakfast and then to Babies R Us to look for a new double stroller.  We forgot how complicated those things can be!  After a lot of strolls around the store and some test driving we finally found one that will let Avery sit or stand and have room for Emmett's infant seat.  After that we came across booster seats and figured out that Avery is big enough to move into a booster.  This is fantastic given the fact that she lays half reclined in her car seat and it proves rather messy for drinking her Starbucks in the morning.  The booster sits more upright and gives her a ton more leg room.  Who knew?!



  1. Jeremy is a good man. Couldn't agree more!

  2. hi there. This is totally random..but I think I saw Avery/family this morning in the Pittsburgh airport?! I saw an adorable little girl with glasses like hers , and then on our flight a few people wearing "team avery" shirts. You would not believe this, but we are a family that donates to St. Jude monthly and we are on their email list, and when I got home today I opened up my email and there was little Avery's photo in an email from St. Jude! I could not believe it because I swear I had seen her just a few hours before in the Pittsburgh Airport!!
    ! Another coincidence, our oldest daughter, Alison, had a life-threatening tumor diagnosed when she was 6 months of age and was a patient of St. Jude. We know first hand what a very SPECIAL place it is. If you get this message, feel free to say hello. Best wishes to you and your family and sweet Avery.

    The Edgerton Family (Jen, Dave, Alison & Chloe)

  3. forgot to include my email address above. It is: