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Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home late Friday night after a long drive from Memphis. We were all anxious to get back to our own beds, our somewhat normal routines and the comfort of friends. Saturday and Sunday were spent unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning and of course yard work. Avery was ecstatic to see all her toys and most of all Jersey. You'd have thought she was just handed the key to Toys R Us the way she squealed at her toys. Rightfully so I suppose since she never got the chance to play with her birthday toys before we left.

Avery appears to be feeling well. She has tummy aches that we control with Zolfran and a serious burn on her neck that we have cream for. I made the mistake of telling the kids at the birthday party on Sunday that her burn was a sunburn and it was very important they wear their sunscreen. One little girl looked at me and said, " You didn't do a very good job.". Well said 5 yr old, well said.

Her vocabulary is really filling in and every day she surprises us with a new word. She prefers to put the word "now" at the end of every sentence rather than the word "please". She told me today she wanted to stay naked...can't say I really recall using that word recently but she picked it up from somewhere. She has also decided to be the mediator and match maker between Jeremy and I lately. If we bicker about anything she basically yells at us to stop. What's the world coming to when you can't even argue with our spouse about who shut the light off? I mean what a buzz kill! I guess the whole " Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" mantra can be justified in her eyes more than any and who's to judge her? She's experienced more in her 3 years than I ever will in my lifetime. Still, sandwiched between the demands of a tyrannical 3 year old, it's hard to be corrected by your toddler...knowing full well she's right... Why at 31 am I too dumb to realize it until after she scolds us? She's tough. She's demanding. She's my hero.

Take that cAncer.



  1. Hey Jenn,
    Stacy Snyder here; we met at the Christmas hibachi dinner.
    Thanks for the sweet update. Just wanted to let you know we are praying for Avery and check in here to follow your story. I showed my 3-year-old Avery's pictures today, and he prayed for her to "not be sick anymore". Just thought I'd say hello and mention that God enlisted another prayer warrior today.

  2. This grandma has special prayers for you little hero. Hoping things are looking up. With her willingness to work hard and all of you and Jeremy's help, things will be a lot better soon. Hope your return home will bring great things for you all. As they say there's no place like home. Avery will soon be able to be outside maybe a little more, and will help take a little stress off everyone. Hugs & Prayers for you all.

  3. So glad to know you are all safely back home! Avery is wise beyond her 3 yrs.
    She may want to be naked because of how the radiation makes her skin feel. We continue to ask our congregation to pray for little Avery Anne and we do too. Welcome home little one!!!! Maple Jo sends lots of labrador retriever kisses to Avery too! God bless you and make his face shine upon you and give you grace...Love Auntie Lori and Uncle Bob in Minnesota

  4. So happy you're home! Love ya! The Smith Family