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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Drug down...1 to go

Avery finished up her first chemo drug this week and is now only taking one for the next week and a half. She will have a week of rest and will be tested before starting the 2nd round of oral chemo. This drug will be taken the entire 28 days of the cycle.

She seems to be doing well on them and has had minimal side affects, mostly being tired. She is a smart cookie and is very pleasant as I give her her normal meds in the morning, but when I go for the ones in the fridge she becomes a tight lipped turd. Rightfully so, I don't believe they taste as hot as her others do. But still -- I bribe her with fruity cheerios at this point.

She has been working very hard on climbing the stairs, much to the exasperation of Sharon! She had no idea this job came with exercise! As I type this Avery is attempting to call someone via the mouse -- everything is a cell phone to her. She has decided the best way to go up and down the stairs is like all of us do -- facing forward and she really wants a railing at her height. Her stitches are still visible but I honestly think it has more to do with the liquid band aide stuck to them than anything else. On Friday we are still on track for hearing aide fittings. I really hope they open up a new world for her that includes the words Momma & Daddy, and maybe Nana as that would just tickle her to pieces. Of course, you all know 3 months from now I may be praying that she stops talking at some point so I can have some quiet time! Ha!

Jeremy and I are getting into a routine for now. I have been back at work for the last few weeks and things are starting to get back to normal. I spend my day trying not to get into too much trouble and at the same time trying to filter in all directions. I am not always successful, but I still manage to keep my job. Jeremy is working hard out in this heat- unbearable in my book but he and the rest of the Ryan family sure are tough. Jersey is happy to be home...I think. This is questionable as she tried to get in the car with Nana when she left this weekend. Maple Jo and Cy missed each other terribly but I can tell she misses her comforts at Aunt Lori's house and her new buddy Blackjack. She spends an awful lot of time trying to devise a way into the house! (and yes the garage has AC)

I turned 30 on Sunday....kind of crazy. Never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured my life this way....a husband that loves me to pieces (even when easily distracted by moving antlers), a daughter whose strength, determination and hugs bring me to my knees, and a support circle consisting of the best of the best, all there to lift me up when I need it. Here's to my next 30 years...may I learn as much in them as I did in the first 30.


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